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Judea-Christian principles created a republic over a democracy.

27 May
The only thing socialism/statism offers is a false sense of security. There is no security or individual prosperity of health or wisdom in such a slave driven society. The government wants to interact itself in the faiths and religious as a god. Islam is a great model to see this, in the same way; with RUSSIA. The system sets up an artificial god (has in times past -ROME- the emperor- dictator). Which begins to redefine moralities in a society. The laws of Noah are ridiculed to a point where later generations can’t identify with such laws. ROMEĀ  is our mirror image, the epistle to the Romans has vast information. Then those who voted for more government become dependent upon the state. When they began voting for those who offered more of other’s wealth on their behalf the system begins to sway one direction – living off the dole. Thus the weak and impoverished voters (who do outnumber the wealthy) very much determines the demise of a democracy. Thus the time will arise that a dictator will be warranted out of dependency, such; as in ROME. It’s all been written before. But here’s our American problem the USA is not a democracy which has been the teachings in our schools. What isn’t the problem but ignored is America is a republic. That is upheld by the US Constitution which unrefutably was founded upon the principles of a loving God via the faith of the Judeo-Christians. When we begin to discard that last sentence in America has an unnecessary reality/truth no wonder our schools, economy, and politics are failing. One thing we still do have that offers the gleam of hope is we who believe in and worship the Almighty in spirit and truth can be the fabric that binds this nation together. We must fast and continue in prayers no matter the season of the century. We are all created in Elohim our Yahweh.